Primary renal squamous cell carcinoma: a case report
Mehmet Faik ÇETİNDAĞ,1 Atiye Yılmaz ÖZSAVRAN2
1Department of Radiation Oncology, Ankara Atatürk Training and Research Hospital, Ankara, Turkey
2Department of Radiation Oncology, Elazığ Training and Research Hospital, Elazığ, Turkey
Pathologic diagnosis of squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) of the kidney is rarely reported in the literature. The disease is aggressive in nature and the prognosis is dismal with a 5-year survival rate of less than %10. A 74-year-old man admitted with abdominal pain and weight loss. Right nephrectomy was performed. Pathology report delineated moderately differentiated SCC of the kidney. Positron emission tomography demonstrated residual mass and metastatic lymph nodes. Adjuvant treatments with chemotherapy and radiotherapy were applied but the disease was progressed and the patient was dead six months after pathologic diagnosis. Primary SCC is an aggressive tumor and these tumors are strongly associated with renal stones, the patients with renal stones and non-functioning kidney should be carefully examined with newer imaging modalities for early detection of the tumor, and warrants aggressive treatment with surgery followed by adjuvant aggressive combination chemotherapy- radiotherapy that may provide a better outcome. Keywords : Chemotherapy; intensity-modulated radiotherapy; radiotherapy; renal squamous cell carcinoma