TURKISH JOURNAL OF ONCOLOGY 1992 , Vol 7 , Num 1 - 4
Cerrahpaşa Tıp Fakültesi Patoloji AD Based upon 47 cases of gastric carcinoma which were diagnosed in the Pathology Department of Cerrahpaşa Medical School in 1987, the types of intestinal metaplasia (IM) and their relation to the types of gastric carcinoma were examined. When classified according to Jass, 19 of these cases were categorized as intestinal type carcinoma (ITC), and the remaining 28 as gastric type carcinoma. Intestinal metaplasia was further classified as Type I, II, and III following the method of Filipe and Jass. The distribution of these IM types were examined in three distinct mucosa regions; adjacent to carcinoma, 1 cm far from and more remote to the carcinoma. As a result, significant correlation between IM and ITC was found in all of the above three regions of mucosa. Type III IM, which is described as one of the precancerous lesions of gastric carcinomas, was significantly frequent in cases with intestinal type carcinoma, as well. The type of IM with o-acetylated sialomuciae was also found to be significantly frequent in intestinal type carcinomas. Since the studies reported on this subject is limited, the importance of conducting further studies on the relation of this type of IM with the pathologic lesions of the stomach has been emphasized. Keywords :