Radiotherapy Equipment and Workforce in Turkey
Hatice Bilge BECERİR1,Salih GÜRDALLI2,Bülent YAPICI3,Fadime ALKAYA4,Aydın ÇAKIR5,Kadir YARAY6,Tamer Oğuz GÜRSOY7
1Department of Medical Physics, Istanbul University Institute of Oncology, Istanbul-Turkey
2Department of Medical Physics, Bozlu Holding, Istanbul-Turkey
3Department of Radiation Oncology, University of Acibadem Faculty of Medicine, Istanbul-Turkey
4Department of Radiation Oncology, Istanbul Medicana International Hospital, Istanbul-Turkey
5Istanbul Bilgi University, Vocational Faculty of Health Services, Istanbul-Turkey
6Department of Radiation Oncology, University of Erciyes Faculty of Medicine, Kayseri-Turkey
7Department of TUSEB (Presidency of Turkish Health Institutes), Health Institute of Turkey, Istanbul-Turkey
DOI : 10.5505/tjo.2021.2896 OBJECTIVE
Radiotherapy is a costly treatment that requires the proper use of human and financial resources. In any country, the radiation therapy equipment and workforce should be well planned for the appropriate use of resources and radiotherapy treatments. For proper planning, the current situation should be assessed and prepared for the targets to be achieved. This study aims to determine the current status of radiotherapy devices and the workforce in Turkey.

Questions were sent to 141 centers to evaluate the number of devices, technical specifications, date of manufacture and the number of radiation oncologists, medical physicists, and radiotherapy technicians by Turkish Medical Physics Association. The responses from the centers were analyzed by region and compared with the situation in other countries.

The data collected in the study are from December 2019. The rate of radiotherapy devices in Turkey according to population is estimated to be 3.14 megavoltage (MV) external devices per 1 million people. The distribution is not homogeneous in all regions. The highest value is 4.59 in the Central Anatolia region, and the lowest is 0.78 in the Eastern Anatolia region. For each MV device, on average, there are 1.58 specialists in medical physics.

Our study has shown that Turkey has made significant progress in terms of radiotherapy equipment and workforce in the past decade. Nevertheless, although Turkey did not reach the standards of high-income European countries, it is comparable to middle-income countries. Keywords : Radiotherapy equipment; Turkey; workforce